Our Services

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    Charter Flights

    Helicopters flights can easily be chartered to make the difficult trips easier. A helicopter flight can be a great experience to witness the stunning beauty of the country.

    Sight-seeing tours can be easily be arranged to those who are physically constrained or do not have the time to go on a foot-trek. Heli-tours allow to cut short a trek and the best part is that they can be taken to any destination, as the aircraft wouldn’t demand a large space to land. With the best services on board, we assure you you’re time flying with us will be as memorable as it gets.

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    Rescue Operations

    When it comes to running airline operations, rescue flights and medical evacuations are unequivocally the most essential. Equipped with state of the art facilities and experienced pilots, our highly maneuverable aircrafts make the process easier.

    Rescue flights are dispatched in the shortest of time period a request is made. To ensure the clients better health, we always keep an ambulance on standby at the drop-zones so as they can be rushed to the nearest medical facility.

    It is advised that clients register with their embassy/consulate in Kathmandu before they embark on their treks. In the case there’s no embassy/consulate in place for their country or clients are trekking on their own, one should arrange something in advance in order to be rescued.

    Be sure to have helicopter rescue insurance when purchasing your travel insurance scheme for rescue missions.

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    Aerial Sight Seeing

    Nepal is a land filled with snow-clad mountains and exquisite terrains. But if you’re short on time and still wish to experience the natural enigma, we are more than eager to provide you with the opportunity to do so from a vantage point in the comfort of a private aircraft. This is also suitable for elderly people unable to make a trip or to those with impaired mobility.

    Come with us on an adventure over the skies of Nepal. The skies are limitless and so are the possibilities. No place is off limits and we can go wherever you fancy. That is the freedom flying gives you.

    Our packages include selection of the finest destinations ranging from Everest region, the pilgrimage flight to the holy Muktinath, Langtang Valley, Lumbini – the birth place of Lord Buddha and much more.

    With knowledge on all the landmarks, from popular places to secret sites that most don’t even know about, nothing will be able to avoid our curious gaze. Book an aerial sightseeing package with us and we will take you to the air adventure of your lives, cradled in the comfort of fluffy clouds in mesmerizing skies.

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    Customized Tours

    We also cater customized services to our customers. If there is any destination that our customers want to fly to then we can arrange the desired flights at the shortest span of time. Nepal has innumerable scenic places to visit and see and we are always eager to provide the best services to our clients according to their needs and requirements.

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    Heli Picnic

    The Helicopter Picnic in Nepal is a new adventure trip among other exciting services on offer. This unique service will give you a different experience while you’re in Nepal. The Heli Picnic tour with your family or friends in our aircrafts could be the most luxurious outing experiences you’ve ever had. This is an opportunity not to be missed to have the time of your lives on a Heli Picnic experience.

    Heli Picnics can be arranged at various locations like Dhulikhel, Nagarkot, Gosainkunda, Kalapatthar. Poonhill, Kakani and other places. Clients are free to name a destination of their wish as well, and we’ll arrange the services for your pleasure according to your needs and requirements.